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Otthein Rammstedt: emeritus professor of sociology at the faculty of sociology, Bielefeld University (Germany). Otthein Rammstedt is best known for his work on Georg Simmel’s life and thought edited by Suhrkamp-Verlag. He also grounds the international journal Simmel Studies (1991- first named Simmel Newsletter). Rammstedt’s works concentrate in the history of sociology, focused on the international foundation of sociology. Since 2000, Otthein Rammstedt conducts a research project in collaboration with the University Leipzig (Germany) leading to the publication of the Georg Simmel’s correspondence.

Angela Rammstedt: is M.A. scientific collaborator of the Georg Simmel research team specialized in comparative literature. Angela Rammstedt is a specialist of "Georg Simmel’s wifes’ lives”. She published several contributions on this topic in order to understand how the women around Simmel produced a complementary works to his related to social and political concerns such as feminism, peace, domination, love, etc. Since 2001, Angela Rammstedt joins the research project on Georg Simmel’s correspondance.

Cécile Rol: PhD. in sociology and political science at Bielefeld University and Caen University (France). Cécile Rol wrote her doctoral dissertation on the historical and theoretical roots of Georg Simmel’s concept of politics, and she follows its destiny in European sociology, particularly in the East-European sociologies (Russia, Czechoslovakia, Poland, etc.; awarded from Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst). Cécile Rol is member of the European Networks PHED and ESF/EURESCO. She coordinates a research project on the Russian-French sociologist and philosopher Georges Gurvitch for the French sociological association ANAMNESE (IMEC Paris/Caen University), and she writes a book on the foundation of the German society of sociology in Europe (1909-1922).

Christian Papilloud: PhD. in sociology and social science at the University of Lausanne (Switzerland), and at the University of Paris X (France), he is working at Bielefeld University. He published his doctoral dissertation on the conception of reciprocity by Georg Simmel and Marcel Mauss (Paris, L’Harmattan, 2002; awarded from Swiss National Founds, 2001). He completed his formation with a post-doctoral research done at Bielefeld University on Pierre Bourdieu and French Interactionism (published in German, transcript-verlag, Bielefeld, 2003). Christian Papilloud is member of the European Networks ESA and ESF/EURESCO. He coordinate a research project on "Interactivity and Society” (awarded from Swiss National Founds, 2003), and he co-edits the works of the Russian-French sociologist and philosopher Georges Gurvitch within the French sociological association ANAMNESE (IMEC Paris/Caen University).

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